Today, I wanna show a very quick and basic demo about Apache Camel with Spring Boot and how things are going there a bit. For declarative part, Apache Camel is a rule-based routing and mediation engine. …

In this short assay I wanna tell you guys about creating a Spring Boot project very very quickly from Spring Initializr. It wouldn’t take more than 5 mins.

view of spring initializr

Firstly you visit the and you face with this kind of view. …

Firstly we need to think about a metaphore which called “All religions, arts and sciences are branches of the same tree.”. This metaphore sometimes inspires me so much than anything. For me as a person I’m one of the left-brain used. Because I’m an engineer. I make calculations, write codes…

This time it was a bit different than regular ones. First time in my life a teacher was considering my thoughts. It was precious. Anyway, while we were playing balls in the coridor(even I’m 22) I had fun, I also didn’t met with some of my classmates till that time. It felt a bit shame to me. And I also can’t remember what was the last time I wrote something. It felt good actually. I think something is starting to happen!

Rumeysa Tatli

bad liar

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