Creating a Spring Boot Project

In this short assay I wanna tell you guys about creating a Spring Boot project very very quickly from Spring Initializr. It wouldn’t take more than 5 mins.

view of spring initializr

Firstly you visit the and you face with this kind of view. As you can see it’s the easier way for generating your dependencies and versions.

Secondly you need to choose your desired options about projects and languages, when it comes to Project metadata, mostly group naming is the inverse version of your website link of your EE project which you’ll deploy.

Thirdly the dependencies, It has many many options you can quickly take a look of them. For instance, If you need hibernate in your project, you should bound Spring Data JPA. They all have explanations, if you’re beginner yet.

Eventually you did everything in 2–3 mins now it’s time to generate it. When you click the generate button, it’ll be downloaded to your PC. So you are now able to open your maven or gradle project from your IDE via importing it.
That’s it. I know it was easy not to dealing with pom confs and etc..

Thanks for reading..